Designed to simplify business

EDGE International was founded in 2006 by Tom Buschman to simplify business for small and large companies.

Whilst working for Shell’s Treasury in 2000 he was struck by how unnecessarily cumbersome the financial dealings between corporates and banks were. To simplify and automate the activities of Shell with banks worldwide, Tom started focussing on developing new solutions based on open standards.

He led the investment by Shell of a web-based foreign exchange trading platform, Currenex , to be a catalyst for change in this large financial market. He subsequently formed an international group of large corporates and banks to establish common standards for financial transactions. In 2001 TWIST was founded, supported by companies like Shell, HP, Nokia, IKEA and GE and banks such as ABN Amro, Barclays, Bank of America, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase and Standard Chartered Bank. Since then a suite of open ISO standards have been developed which today are used by hundreds of companies and banks for automated processes between them.

Tom left Shell in 2006 to develop a solution that would simplify business not only for large organisations but also for smaller companies. He created the EDGE platform, an easy to use and affordable solution for the day-to-day complex administrative issues that companies of all sizes are dealing with.

EDGE is the result of input from over 100 large and small companies as well as banks, plus renowned experts on payments, foreign exchange transactions, international e-invoicing, accounting, IT security and open source technology. Various partnerships with innovative service providers were established since EDGE’s inception complementing the EDGE proposition in one integrated solution.

EDGE was launched early 2010, covering initially e-invoicing, dispute management and secure messaging. Today, EDGE offers an extended range of Services tuned to the specific needs of different types of companies.


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